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NM Advisors arises from a well-known Research Analyst Nitin Mangal’s firm belief that truth and independence can coexist in this world.

Nitin Mangal

Nitin is a SEBI registered Research Analyst with more than a decade of experience in Indian and global equities. He is a Pioneer in Corporate Governance and Accounting Research in Indian Market, who has successfully developed a product for Institutional Investors known as ‘Analysis beyond Consensus’. He has worked with Edelweiss Securities Ltd. Mumbai and later, he worked with Veritas Investment Research Corporation Canada, as an Asian consultant covering Indian and US equities. He has also been profiled by the leading financial newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, Business Standard and more.

Nitin is also an insight provider on Smartkarma, a Singapore based research platform of independent analysts for global institutional investors. He is also the founder of Nitin Mangal Corporate Advisors Private Limited, which provides investment consultancy to North American Portfolio Managers for their investment in US equities.

nitin mangal