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Our Approach

Our reports are based on comprehensive analysis of the disclosure and accounting choices, made by an entity’s management as reflected in the documents available in the public domain. The entity is tested on the touchstones of Corporate Governance, Accounting & Disclosure, Business Operations, Cash Flow Sustainability and Balance Sheet risks.

  • Accounting and Disclosure

    Accounting rules have become increasingly complex. We navigate through accounting choices made by management to provide insight into the quality of earnings and operating performance.

  • Our analytical techniques ensure that the growth of the business to be tested on the facts, rather than a story.

  • Corporate Governance is the main pillar of any successful business, and a key aspect to protect the interest of minority shareholders; we put special emphasis on the corporate governance issues in our research.

  • We thoroughly review financial disclosures to check the risk factors on the financial statement.

  • Our major emphasis to check cash flow sustainability of companies covered.